what is popcult, anyway?

popcult is the name of a theme of my lapel pins i design for my shop~ it honors the 80s, 90s, and y2k. what better name to use for my web 1.0 personal website?

it didn't all start there though...
once upon a time in 1996 (i was 11!) i built my first personal website on angelfire~
it started as they all do: as one page with graphics i like and ramblings~ a place to store my collection of digital pets, if you will. the most important things.
it quickly became an obsession... all of a sudden i was using frames, designing graphics with paint shop pro, and building new layouts until the early morning sun reminded me to take a break.
it even became my income to design graphics and websutes for other companies when i was still in high school!
it became my life, i was a big internet geek and cannot even communicate the joy i felt to see the community of neocities!
it's like we get to play in this bubble and relive the old internet personal website days.
i even saw there are cliques, adoptables, and webrings!
i'm a little shocked but it seems we got far enough away from ONLY SOCIAL MEDIA and are now going back to websites and blogs.
or at least the new generations of cool humans/aliens are, haha.


more coming soooooooooon! xx~

the palace chat

do you think the DOLLZ came from a paper doll website?
they didn't!! they came from the palace chat, a place where we delighted in coding and designing chat "rooms" and pixel avaters/outfits.