my all time favorite character is momo~
much more info and content coming soon!


jumbo wool momo purchased as a gift at chinatown in toronto by my bff kimi in 2001
jumbo poseable momo plush with a shiny rollerskating jacket on
momo water pet
post pet x pinky street doll
postpet album and stationary sets from 2001
postpet 2001 boxed set, postpet v3 boxed set, pocket postpet, postpet ds
postpet momobin anime complete set
comomo dressed in a maid outfit i won from a ufo machine when i lived in japan

play postpet 2001?

after A LOT of work and work arounds (new emails are too secure for this program!), i got my old postpet 2.1 windows software to work on my current macbook!

download postpet

download postpet 2.1 at miseducated~

postpet toybox

the official postpet buttons as well as cliques i joined back in the early 2000s.