the hostess

i'm a visual artist that lives in my own rabbit-hole induced and self-created world and reality. i cannot stop tweaking what already is curious. this is due to my abnormal brain chemicals and my obsession with visual arts, fantasy, my imagination and literature. i talk too much and i have an unlimited number of insane, creative ideas that i slowly accomplish everyday. i like retro and feminine. my brain is an odd mix of 60s/70s kitsch and opulent 1750s france. it often doesn't make sense and this is for many reasons that i wont disclose but i'll leave you to discover!~

i talk too much. i talk too loud. i'm a graphic artist specializing in digital collage, illustration, tasty rose-lense photography and charm bracelets. years ago, i fell down a rabbit hole and decided to stay for life. i have an adoration for decadence and retro/kitschy 60s and 70s fashion, culture, and interior as well as art, food and travel.

i call the city of indianapolis my wonderland. i live downtown in a big, old house built in 1912 complete with a pet cat, dog, bird and flock of chickens. i'm a mom to coco, a full-time housewife to a contemporary realism painter, part-time author and a part-time graphic artist/designer. i love to meet new people and to find new inspiration. i'm interested in the oddest of things and use my imagination daily.

picture? yes!
band? veruca salt, strawberry switchblade, no doubt
singer? david bowie
movie? rosemary's baby, the labyrinth
music video? since yesterday -- strawberry switchblade
color? black or rainbow
animal? cat
person? colette
lip gloss flavor? bubblegum lipsmackers
flavor? creme brulee
drink? orange qoo
food? chahan
song? since yesterday -- strawberry switchblade
memory? hobbes
game? rook
video game? maniac mansion NES
author? steven king
artist? david h cunningham, camilla derrico, andy warhol
class? alfred hitchcock film study and painting I, II, III
place to be? in japan walking through takeshita st.
thing to do? design
person to talk to? kimi
toy as a child? alphie
toy as a non-child? my husband
kind of jewelry? plastic, bright, sparkley ;p
size bed? king
TV show? 90 day fiance
TV star? pauly d
book? in her skin -- whatever i'm reading at the time, love books!!
genre of movies? vintage horror, independant, cute, foreign, mod, quirky, 80s 80s 80s
genre of books? horror, memoirs
reality show? 90 day fiance, jersey shore, teen mom
anime? sailor moon, super gals
pattern? rainbow
holiday? christmas
teacher/boss? mr. jackson
scent? hobbes
soap? the body shop strawberry
shampoo? anti-bronze blonde
conditioner? same
time of day? eve
store? target
kind of underwear? rainbow bikini
kind of club? rave
style of clothing? eccentric, miss-matched, every cute and colorful article mixed