hello & welcome

welcome to my newest homepage~
honestly, i cannot believe that people are finally making them again!
all of the tiredness of social media and the yearning for the old net~
let's make 2024 the year of the personal website!

my name is ♥ amber renee fawn ♥,
and i'm your hostess!
please be careful around the other rooms:
this internet escape is under construction --
because, guess what, i'm new here!
i hope you'll enjoy your stay and come back often
to see the new additions!
*and* that you'll exchange links with me~
community is what i miss the most!

do i know you?

you might know me.
or you might have known me online way back when~
i used to make webpages in the late 90s - early 2000s.
and my main website was miseducated but once upon a time,
i closed miseducated the personal page to be more professional and blog.
i love it, but when i saw that people were going back to coding personal pages again
i just had to join back in~ it's been quite a few years.
it is an all-time favorite alternative popular culture era.
and remember, if you see any collections of *old* pixels, adoptables, or graphics
attributed to "miseducated" or "cat♥e", that's me!

thank mew

to kimikat, my bff (of rainbowlicious and diana's divine designs) for over 25 years and going~